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Since the first commercial of radio broadcasts in the 102 years ago business has used the media, platforms of print, radio, television, and now digital variations of those tools to provide potential customers with product information. Personalities with followings amongst listeners, primarily "movie stars" and those that transitioned to television shows served as "spokespersons" on the platform of AM radio. Now social media "influencers" i.e. spokespeople, with notoriety for their unscripted original content, many times without any or limited compensation drive the revenue engines of the new platform called social media.


The following links provide data illustrating the impact the social media platforms have on businesses ability to reach potential customers. 

Brand Purchase Influencers

Social Media and Brand Reputation

New Brands and Social Media

 Managed Services Market Outlook

In future issues of our blog we will explore each of the topics highlighted in the articles referenced here.

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