Operations, Marketing Revenues, and Capital Solicitation



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  1. Operational Strategic Partnerships are coming into view. The partnerships we sought with Agile Network Builders almost 24 months ago before their acquisition by Insitewireless and Insitewireless’s acquisition by American Tower are now tangible.
    1. Uniti Fiber
      1. We create a sales and marketing plan to purchase long-term infrastructure from Uniti Fiber and resell that capacity to our customers.
      2. The relationship with Uniti is essential to our Vital I-Net Services (c)  wired Internet services product and service portfolio.
        1. Our conversations with Uniti Fiber covered connectivity, web hosting packages, and the definition of target markets.
        2. Our near-term target markets are in the states of Alabama and Georgia.
        3. We are consulting with Uniti Fiber on specific geographic and demographic profiles.
        4. We will use the SaaS Active Campaign to sell advertising and sponsorship inventory on Uniti fiber's landing pages and platforms. The initial Vital platforms to benefit from this effort are TheVitalPortal ©, MyVitalTV ©, and Vital Forethought Consulting ©.
        5.  Our objective – generate revenues and long-term platform sponsorships to support the above platforms.
          1. Our projected Key Results; $75,000-$100,000 in annual net operating income per platform before Watson Cable and TopRight Advertising acquisitions.
        6. Our retail infrastructure starts with a portfolio of landing pages to support our B2B strategic reseller relationships.
          1. The B2B purchases include introductory offers for MyVitalTV and Vital Personal Portal apps.
          2. Ascentium Capital will process the purchases or leases.
          3. To date, a key result of conversations is a review of the Vital Business Portal and Vital Edge Centers © initial offering configurations and service level agreements next week. Our relationship with Uniti Fiber and SBA Communications gives us the capacity to deliver these products and services. We will publish our draft configurations next week.
          4. The next milestone is preparing our marketing plan; define roles and responsibilities for collaboration between Vital, Uniti Fiber, with SBA Communications. The Valdosta proof of concept of our Vital Edge Center © is scheduled to go live in late January or early February. The engagement of our software team Tekstream and BlueJeans video conferencing, MwareTV, once the racks are filled with equipment and online are critical to getting sustainable revenues.
          5. The marketing campaign based on the target market maps and zip codes developed and managed by Spectrum Reach is essential to achieving our milestone.  
      3. Vital-TCG Price Book
        1. The price book's availability depends on filling in the essential information items for the sales team to close transactions.  
          1. Required Milestones
            1. Completion of Product and Services configurations is incumbent on Wolf, Mark Stone, and AW3. We will try to finalize the template for the Price Book by 10-4-2021—the next milestone for the Product and Service approval by Technology Team led by Wolf and Mark Stone.
              1. Liferay DXP – TekStream
              2. BlueJeans Video Conferencing
              3. nFina Technologies
            2. MyVitalTV
              1. The following items are part of the first phase of the Mware IPTV rollout.  
                1. Reuters News Agency
                2. American Film Market/The Film Catalog
              2. The following items are part of the second phase of the Mware IPTV rollout.  
                1. Curiosity Stream
                2. Bronze Lens Film Festival
                3. DCP Entertainment
                4. Castelli Television Group
            3. Creation and Installation of Ascentium Financial Services landing page
            4. Vital Edge Centers – Wireless ISP
              1. Develop marketing plan roles and responsibilities for collaboration between Vital, Uniti Fiber with SBA Communications
            5. Wired Internet Services
              1. Connectivity and Web Hosting Packages in Target Markets
    2. SBA Communications
      1. Strategic Partnership Wireless ISP negotiations are underway
      2. Vital Edge Centers –
        1. Proprietary wireless ISP distribution,
        2. Third-Party collocation sales
        3. Anchor tenant financial projections needed
        4. Develop marketing plan roles and responsibilities for collaboration between Vital, Uniti Fiber with SBA Communications
        5. Prepare Vital Edge Center product and services price book and revenue projections.
        6. Implement the Vital-TCG Channel Partner Program
  2. Revenue Opportunities
    1. Corporate Client; Consumer Product Marketing Services proposal for two Fortune 100 companies projected contract revenues 35,0000 to 40,0000 each.
      1. We start providing services next week. 
    2. TheVitalPortal Weekly Newsletter; the software vendor is Revue, a Twitter-associated subscription, and ad-supported platform.
      1. We are discussing with OneAffiniti, a digital marketing agency, to provide content and sponsorship solicitation assistance.
        1. OneAffiniti currently represents Xerox and Lenovo. The two tech companies provide content that we distribute on our Twitter and LinkedIn feed because we are resellers of the Xerox and Lenovo small business product lines. A barter distribution agreement governs the Xerox and Lenovo content availability relationship.
        2. OneAffiniti is open to Expanding the distribution beyond our LinkedIn and Twitter feeds financial support from these entities.
        3. They are willing to help us generate revenues with an ad-supported MyVitalTV in the Philippines. The Philippines is the location of their sales and marketing office and a large US military base.
        4. Financial Projections are under development and available after discussions with OneAffiniti.
      2. Apple TV Affiliate Program
        1. We will apply by October 1, 2021. Upon acceptance, the Apple TV platform becomes a featured part of our consumer marketing campaign.
        2. We will earn commissions from the sale of the Apple TV device and the streaming service.
        3. Our MyVitalTV app is approved for distribution on the Apple TV device.
      3. Uniti Fiber Wired Internet Services Marketing Program
        1. On 9-20-2021, we met with Kelly Mallory outlining a specific strategy to market their wired network availability and sales efforts under the Vital-TCG Channel Partner Program. This effort is independent of the SBA communications revenue opportunities.
          1. The availability of Service Level Agreements, financial projections, and rollout of a targeted sales plan and calls start next month.
      4. Vital Edge Centers
        1. On 9-17-2021, we received the baseline pricing for our Vital Edge Centers, a product and service concept developed in concert with SBA communications. We met with Ricky Trotter outlining a specific strategy to market the Vital Edge Center concept and the site availability.  
          1. The availability of Service Level Agreements, financial projections, and rollout of a targeted sales plan and calls start next month.
      5. TopRight Advertisement and Watson Cable will receive revised acquisition proposals by 10-4-2021. Our worst-case scenario has six other entities with similar profiles as TopRight and Watson Cable.


  1. Capital Solicitation
      1. Starlight Capital:
        1. The following discussion shares our rationale for overcoming the capital barrier to achieving our Seed Round Goal of $15,000,000.
        2. The net cost of issuance using WeFunder is $350,000 on $5,000,000, Crowd Engine $150,000 on $5,000,000, PitchBook News $15,000 for a list of potential investors, and several other platforms require prohibitive amounts on Seed Round cash raise.
        3. We are evaluating preparing preliminary documents that are permissible to solicit capital for a Private Placement Memorandums as an Exempt Offering under the SEC and FINRA rules internally. The cursory review begs the question; why wasn’t this pursued sooner?
        4. Vital did not have the organizational structure and strategic contractual relationships or internal cash to fund a sustainable proof of concept to deliver on the promises made in documents to investors.
        5. AW3 has been able to retire substantial obligations due to guaranteeing personal care expenses of a family member that impaired his ability to fund Vital without entering bankruptcy.
        6. Starlight Capital and Bryan Emerson have been soliciting our participation in his Private Equity forums since reading the Vital summaries and speaking with AW3 since 2013. Here is a link to their web page; https://www.starlightcapital.co
        7. Vital is ready to participate in the Starlight Capital Private Equity Forum and utilize the resources provided by the Elite Network of the Euro Next Group https://www.elite-network.com.
        8. Vital started its journey with the Elite Group at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Elite Network Group informed us that we have graduated from the program and can use the organization as a reference.
        9. Vital has nurtured relationships with Starlight Capital and The Elite Group Network. The relative cost of the participation and continued advisory relationship is very affordable. It achieves the same Objective and Key Results to present our plans to accredited investors pre-screened and capable of funding the entire Seed Round in our business plan.  
        10. We have initial interviews with investment banking firms that provide debt capital for start-ups:
          1. Lighter Capital https://www.lightercapital.com
          2. Leste/Clearway https://lesteclearway.com
          3. Each of these firms has firmly committed to a 30-day process to close and fund with a “quick yes or no” regarding our funding request and documentation verification.
      2. Parallel to the capital solicitation effort utilizing the resources of Starlight Capital and The Elite Network effort, Vital will leverage assets to fund the proof of concept effort to move the business plan forward in the test markets of Valdosta and Waycross.
      3. A line item in the direct investment by Vital is to engage professionals to move an SEC/FINRA-approved funding plan inclusive of third-party at-risk capital to formalize the asset purchase agreements of the target acquisitions.