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 Vital Personal Portal (VPP) Product and Service Article

What it is ?!, What its not! What it do? How Much ? Why? Where Can I Buy it?

What it is ?!

What its not !  Its not instagram or facebook, its your easy to access, private, secure online community.

What it do?

  1. VPP connects you to the Internet, quickly, privately and securely.
  2. VPP connects you to your Personal Online Community, privately and securely, that you manage and control, and if you need help, we are here to help.
  3. VPP connects you to our free version of MyVitalTV, that includes, Vital Portal News powered by the Reuters News Service, Curiosity Stream, NewUrbanJazz Lounge Radio, Original and Authentic Independent Films, Series, Podcasts, Videos and Audio Music streaming.
  4. You get fast easy access to your streaming services, such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  5. You get  fast easy access to your apps/devices like Roku, Prime, Apple TV etc.
  6. VPP gives you a free MyVitalTV Buying Club membership featuring great deals and rebates from Rakuten.
  7. VPP give you a free Vital Yard Sale web store that you can use to sell your own good and services
  8. VPP gives you your own free Blog site to share when where and how you want to share it.
  9. VPP gives you your own free personal online storage.
  10. VPP gives you access to the streaming content you want, when you want it.
  11. VPP no contract required $25 per month, includes all of the above.
  12. VPP annual subscrption $250, includes all of the above.
  13. VPP Gamer HyperSpeed/Bandwidth Subscriptions:
    1. 2 Hour Bundle $TBD
    2. 4 Hour Bundle $TBD
    3. NightBallerShotCaller (7pm-7am) Monday-Sunday  $TBD
    4. YOLOWeekender (7pm-7am) Friday-Monday $TBD
    5. Mobile Gamer Data Plans $TBD
    6. All In, All The Time, Always On, Anywhere, (AIATAA) $TBD

Why? Vital Personal Portal Provides the Internet experience that you want on your terms. Not what an algorthim or platform determines for you.

Where Can I Buy It ?

This information will be converted into an explainer video.



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